What is Shoproads

Shoproads is a product discovery and shopping assistant which provides a detailed comparison of prices, product features and sentiment analysis over thousands of product/seller reviews at a single glance. Based on artificial intelligence, it brings the entire e-commerce ecosystem to one place and provides useful search experience for you.

The goal of Shoproads is to become integral to your day-to-day life : a ‘smart assistant’ offering personalized, relevant assistance and further help you to save money while shopping online.

Who are we

we are an extremely strong team of passionate individuals always ready to change the world with our disruptive ideas. We are tech hungry and are constantly in a quest to quench our thirst to innovate and invent. Our combined experience has helped us to realize the interdisciplinary idea of Shoproads and we are constantly striving hard to make Shoproads, an exciting product for our customers.

Why is Shoproads different

Shoproads’ technology is carefully designed to satisfy a validated demand that today’s new generation shoppers have, in a very new innovative approach. With Shoproads' AI-backed assistance, you cannot miss your best choice.

When was Shoproads launched

Shoproads was launched in Nov 2016. Initially, it started off with Indian market and is one of the fastest growing shopping engines in India.